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The Africa Press List, Africa Press List

The Africa Press List

As a fast growing young economy Africa often is compared with emerging markets like Brazil, India and Turkey. There are many parallels but also many differences. What can make Africa a complicated case is the fact that Africa is not one country but 54. How are you going to build your brand in 54 countries? How to conduct your media strategy? How can you get in contact with over 10,000 African journalists in a highly fragmented media landscape?

Africa Business Communities has spent over three years getting connected with the African media. We have built relationships with thousands of African journalists resulting in the Africa Press List.

The Africa Press List is a powerful and highly effective PR tool being fully interactive. Our clients get direct access to this online tool that enables them to conduct tailor made press release campaigns.

So you send your press releases to English speaking newspaper journalists in Abuja, Nigeria, reporting on politics. Or to all French speaking journalists in Cameroun working for television, reporting on fashion. Or to all Portuguese journalists worldwide, reporting on African business. Well, it is all up to you.

We offer our clients both annual subscription to the Africa Press List and pay-as-you-go. Please feel free to contact us with your request.


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A worldwide selection of journalists

Working for the most prominent media reporting on Africa

4 Languages

English, French, Portuguese and Arabic

6 Media Types

Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and Blogs

30 Fields of interest

In 54 African countries

Personal and direct contact with African journalists

Our clients