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Chairtech – Your chair specialists

Chairtech is a family run business with more than 30 years’ experience. Chairtech are your go to chair manufacturing specialists. They deal with a variety of materials namely steel, foam, and plastic. They include you in every step of the process from product and component design to production. Apart from custom made chairs they also specialise in everyday chair manufacturing. Whether it’s a bar stool, stacking chair, office chair or tub chair, Chairtech has got you covered.

Chairtech have an on-site tool room and steel division. Meaning they don’t have to source components from external entities which greatly reduces lead times on large orders.

There are a few services Chairtech has to offer. Discussed below are specialised services and processes they have a large amount of experience in.

Plastic injection moulding as the name suggests is the process of taking molten plastic and injecting it into an existing mould to produce a desired shape. This process is quick and accurate which means they can fulfil orders quickly while maintaining a high-quality level of product. With all of this taken into account and the minimal cost of plastic it means that the end product doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Chairtech’s chair kits are sold to other companies that only specialise in making one or two components for chairs. These chair kits enable other companies to assemble and sell fully functional chairs.

Chairtech also uses integral skin polyurethane moulded foam process when manufacturing any of their chairs, this ensures that the cover of the seat is durable and comfortable. Ensuring a luxury feel and look when you buy a chair from Chairtech. It is also easy to dye this type of fabric and you can pick a seat in any colour!

To enquire about a custom made chair or any of the other products they have on offer you can visit their official website at


3A Linton Close, Beaconvale

Parow, Cape Town, 7500

Tel: 0219332076

About Chairtech
Chairtech are renowned chair manufacturing specialists able to create custom chairs. They will also keep you involved in the entire process to ensure that the finished article aligns with what you envisioned during the planning stages. If you are looking for chairs for the home or office, you can contact Chairtech! They also have a variety of benches, office chair kits and desks!

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