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ImpalaCoin token ICO Presale Announcement | After successful token generation we are pleased to announce our first funding round

On Monday 5th November 2018 at exactly 8:00 am EAT ImpalaPay Limited announced an official statement commencing the official Pre-sale of it’s utility tokens ICM.

After one year of thorough preparation and development we are ready for this, an excited Mr John Mbindyo COO and Co-Founder of ImpalaPay was quoted saying during the token generation event which was held at the operational office in Nairobi Kenya in presence of Mr Lawrence Chan and Maureen Mutua, who are on the advisory board and Jarius Otieno from Lex group international Impala’s legal representative.

The utility token will not only be used within ImpalaPay’s ecosystem but also amongst most of its major partners who have shown keen interest in the token.Find more on tokenomics here

During the Pre-Sale each token will be sold at a discounted price of 0.15 USD with up to 30% bonuses being given to token purchasers here in addition to this, since the end goal of the project is to complete building a digital crypto bank, a product like Revolut but with a little more sauce,crypto, participants who Purchase tokens worth 10,000 USD and above during the Pre-sale round will be entitled to receive profits in terms of transaction fees once the product(crypto bank) is up and running.

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ImpalaCoin is raising funds to acquire necessary Licensing to enable the completion of its digital crypto bank

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