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In the year 2013, Subodh Bajpai let the world see the magical world through his lenses with the establishment of his venture, Subodh Bajpai Photography. His team’s prowess to capture the beauty within the moments pushed their visibility to such an extent that they are covering more than 500 weddings in a span of 365 days, which is a year.

A photograph is an entry ticket to the moment passed and the right photographers can make one feel, sense and love through the images one sees. Subodh Bajpai is ruling the field of photography since 2013 and making the world its canvas. With a Masters in Photography and creative bugs inside, Bajpai has art to beautify everything he sees with the camera and he taught these fellow team members to do the same.

Being a maestro in wedding photography, he has been able to establish his name in the industry and is the most preferred option for handling the photography sessions during all the ceremonies of the wedding. He shares what peculiarities made his team shine like a sun among other photographers and how he was able to make his company a trusted one in such a short period.

The first trick they apply while capturing the pictures in an event is to use the right lights. Light, being the most important component in photography, has the power to enhance or distort the quality of the image taken and the team of Subodh Bajpai is guided to make the optimal use of natural and artificial lights. The second trick applied by the team of the best wedding photographer in Delhi is to be aware all the time during the functions. Wedding Photography is a task that demands attention at all times so that no special moment can go unclicked through the cameraman’s lenses. Talking about the most impressive and useful trick, Subodh says that learning the best angles of the Bride and Groom is the best gift you can give for a lifetime. Everyone has a photogenic angle and if the pictures are taken keeping in mind their perfect frames, they will look best and will happily share their pictures with the world.

Subodh’s team of technicians, editors, videographers, cameraman, and directors consists of around 100 members and received a large amount of appreciation from each and every occasion they have captured. The photography services they have been providing are acclaimed as avant-garde by their own clients and the word-of-mouth has played as a major source of their promotion and increased followership.

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Subodh Bajpai Photography Team didn’t choose the profession of capturing the most precious moments, but the profession chose them. The company stands out to be a witness of the beauty all-around the wedding functions and captures it gracefully through the black equipment in hand.

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