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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 22, 2019

“WAZEE WEDU” event by TRIUMPH AFRICA, a Homegrown African Charity Calls out ‘UN Leaders’ on ‘SDGs’ Saying loud and clear: "We've left older people behind" at United Nations General Assembly Side Event

Our main goal at the event is to engage various Scholars, NGOs, Businesses and Government officials to join in the conversation regarding the issues faced by our elders. In our experience, we have witnessed the voices of many of these elders go unheard or simply set aside altogether. We at Triumph Africa, aim to change this dynamic for those in Africa as well as for those living in the Diaspora.

This Free-event is set as a  high-profile panel discussion featuring 4 amazing experts (Mrs.Tendai Immanuel, Mrs.Fradel Barber, Fr. Joseph Kinda & Mrs. Morejoy Saineti)  in the fields of Financial Education & Community Development, Foreign Government & Politics, International Affairs & Humanitarian missions and Triumph Africa as a whole, defining the strategic executive role we play as an organization in this international arena.

September 27th, 2019, Triumph Africa International hosts “Wazee Wedu” (Our Elders) a United Nations General Assembly Side Event from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Sofitel, 45 West 44th Street, New York City, NY 10036 USA

The aim of this meeting is to highlight that more needs to be done to ensure that older people are not left behind as nations pursue 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The highly experienced line up of speakers will discuss and explore topics including:

“Ending Elder Abuse & Gender-Based Violence”

“Ending Dementia 'Witchcraft' Stigma”,

“Retiring in the Diaspora”

Triumph Africa is a non-governmental organization working for and with older people in Africa. Our vision is of Africa in which all older people lead a healthy, dignified life and where their rights are protected. Mrs.Tendai Immanuel, CEO of Triumph Africa says: “I am no less human when I am 70 years old than I was when I was 70 months old. My rights, welfare and wellbeing are not to be seen as a drain of effort, time or resources”

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About the sender: Succinct information on Triumph Africa's activities 

Triumph Africa runs periodic community day centers for older people with support from local hospital partners to deliver BP and blood sugar checks, eye health check, dental checks.  The day’s centers also run community projects i.e. goat, poultry, market gardening, uniform shop, etc. a healthy light meal is provided for older people at each day center day.

Triumph Africa actively advocates for the rights of older people on various platforms. To date this has included with traditional African leaders, local government authorities, Common Wealth Heads of Government meetings and  Africa Philanthropy Forum.

Volunteer Community Support Workers provide ongoing practical and emotional support, where older people need it, for as long as it is needed. Their support can include:

Listening to the older person's fears and anxieties

Supporting older people with daily tasks i.e. washing, cleaning fetching water

Minor repairs to older people's homes e.g. closing snake access holes on pole and mud huts.

Helping older people to get to clinics and hospital appointments

Staying with seriously ill older people during appointments or hospital visits

Promoting awareness on topics such as dementia and nutrition

Triumph Africa relies mostly on voluntary donations and through the generosity of its supporters helped over 2,500 older people in the last year through its Malawi and Zimbabwe teams of Volunteer Community Support Workers.

Triumph Africa's vision is of Africa in which all older people lead a healthy, dignified life and where their rights are protected.....

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